IOD Mold Trimmings 3 product photo at Milton's Daughter

Trimmings 3

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Reminiscent of traditional "egg and dart" motifs found in crown molding, the IOD Trimmings 3 mould is a beautiful addition to the IOD Trimmings line of molds.  Use it for your furniture and home decor projects as well as for your home baked goods.

An added feature of the new Trimmings 3 IOD mold is the notation of both liquid and solid weights next to each mold cavity, making it so easy to know exactly what to measure out without waste.  No more over-mixed resin or guessing how much clay you need for your project!

IOD Silicone Molds are among the finest and prettiest molds on the market. All of the designs are unique and have a degree of detail not found in any other molds available. Artistically inspired designs that draw on both classic elements and modern design, IOD molds are perfectly suited to furniture design and upcycle, jewelry making, soap making and home décor crafts. Made from high quality silicone, IOD molds are both food safe and oven safe and can be used with a variety of mediums, from air dry paper clay, polymer clay and resin to sugar molded edibles, such as candy, cookies, fondant, chocolate and pie crust--just be sure to use separate molds for your crafts and edibles.

Mold measures 6" x 10"