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Why are IOD moulds so popular among crafters and foodies alike? 

Made of high quality, food safe silicone, IOD Moulds are the prettiest I’ve seen yet, with a level of detail not found in any other molds on the market.  Plus--the patented Micro Rim, a feature found only on IOD Moulds, will ensure a crisp clean edge on all of your castings-- every time!

IOD moulds by Iron Orchid Designs can be used with a variety of mediums! Use as resin molds, or with air dry clay or polymer clay.  You can even use IOD molds with hot glue! Don't forget, IOD molds are both food safe and oven safe and can be used as chocolate molds, fondant molds and baking molds.

For more information on how to use IOD Moulds, read my blog entitled, "IOD Basics 101: Everything you Need to Know About How to Use IOD Molds." Here you will find all the basics you need to know to make all kinds of artistic and fun projects using these beautiful molds!