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Saltwash Powder paint additive for creating vintage, aged and faux effects on wood, glass, laminate and more. Available in 42 oz. and 10 oz cans.

Introducing Saltwash®, the ultimate paint additive for achieving stunning faux effects and vintage finishes on furniture and home decor projects. This organic powder additive, made with all-natural Sea Salt, allows you to effortlessly create layered and textured effects when mixed with any brand or type of paint. With Saltwash®, you can easily achieve an authentic time-worn look, as if your pieces have weathered gracefully over the years by the coast or in a rustic barn.

Whether you're looking to create the look of weathered wood, rust, verdigris, farmhouse charm, or even the beauty of sea glass, this versatile additive can help you achieve it all. Simply mix it with your preferred paint colors and apply it to any surface, such as wood, plastic, glass, fabric, and more, to instantly transform ordinary pieces into extraordinary vintage treasures.  Saltwash works great with DIY Paint!

Saltwash® is not just limited to interior projects but is also perfect for exterior surfaces, making it a go-to choice for all your crafting needs. Its superior adhesion properties allow it to adhere effortlessly to various surfaces, ensuring a seamless and durable finish. Plus, it's environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and contains no VOCs, providing you with a safe and enjoyable crafting experience.