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Introducing Paint Inlays - A new kind of IOD transfer from Iron Orchid Designs!

"What is a Paint Inlay?" you are probably wondering.  Well, leave it to the IOD sisters to come up with the most innovative product in furniture transfers yet! Paint Inlays are not a rub on decal,  furniture applique or decoupage.  They are a completely new type of image transfer (patent pending, as a matter of fact) that allows you to transfer artisanal quality, painted images onto your freshly painted *chalk-type* painted surfaces.  In other words, the specially designed transfer paper is embedded with actual paint.  The best part? Put your used sheets to the side, allow to dry and use them two, three or more times! Another fun bonus: until sealed, your paint inlay designs can be reactivated with water and manipulated for creating even more unique and artistic effects!

*For best results, use with non-polymer chalk-type paints only, such as DIY Paint. IOD Paint Inlays can be used with chalk paints containing polymers, but with varied results. 

Watch this great introduction to Paint Inlays from IOD: .

Want to see how IOD Paint Inlays work?  Watch this video:

Are you looking for step by step instructions on how to use IOD Paint Inlays?  Read my blog titled, "Everything You Need to Know About Paint Inlays."