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Collection: IOD Stamps

IOD Silicone Stamps are beautifully designed clear stamps that contain a level of detail not commonly found in other cling stamps or craft rubber stamps.  These highly detailed craft stamps can be used as scrapbooking stamps, furniture stamps, for textiles, and clay impressions. IOD stamps are food safe. IOD stamps measure 12” x 12”.

How do I prep my stamp for first time use?

Prior to using IOD stamps for the first time, it is recommended to prepare or "season" them. This involves utilizing a fine-grit sandpaper or sanding block (220 grit) to break the surface tension of the stamp, providing some texture, or "tooth", for the medium to adhere to. This step only needs to be done once. The goal is to ensure that the stamp captures all of its details when used. For a demonstration, kindly refer to this brief video.

What can I use IOD Stamps for?

Use your IOD Décor Stamps to stamp on all sorts of surfaces: wood, fabric, leather—even your walls!  You can use them to beautify walls (and floors!), create custom murals and signage, make an art gallery wall, create beautiful home décor object d’art, create customized throw pillows…..even stamp on blue jeans and denim jackets!

What types of mediums work best with IOD Stamps?

IOD Décor Stamps work great with a variety of mediums, including chalk-style paints such as DIY Paint, IOD Décor Inks and IOD Erasable Liquid Chalk

Are IOD Stamps food safe?

IOD Stamps are made of high-quality silicone, so they are food safe and great for stamping on edibles, such as fondant and royal icing—using food coloring gels or paste and edible inks.  Just remember, keep your craft stamps separate from your stamps for edibles.  As long you take good care of your stamps (don’t put them in the dishwasher, microwave, expose them to high heat or clean with harsh chemicals or cleaners) they will last for years and projects to come!