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Painterly Furniture Artist Paint

Painterly Furniture Artist Paint

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PREORDER NOW! Non acrylic, water-based, blendable furniture craft paint manufactured by Debi's DIY Paint.  Available in 4 oz tubes in a variety of colors.  Painterly Furniture Artist Paint is non-toxic and ASTM compliant.  Suitable for painting on canvas, furniture and home decor.


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Have you ever dreamed of creating a masterpiece with your own two hands? With Debi's DIY Painterly Furniture Artist Paint, you can make that dream come true. This non-acrylic, water-based craft paint lets you add vivid colors and bold designs to any piece of furniture, canvas painting or home decor with ease. Plus, it's safe, non-toxic, and ASTM compliant — so it can be used in any space!

This versatile paint has a heavy-bodied consistency and comes in an array of 12 beautiful shades. It dries with a matte finish and is easy to mix and match to create different colors — letting you explore all the creative possibilities. And if you want to take your project further, simply apply Big Top, one of Debi's patinas, or even some wax from the same range for added texture and dimension. You'll be amazed at what you can create!


1. What distinguishes Painterly Furniture Artist Paint, and what makes it unique?
- Painterly Furniture Artist Paint is a distinctive type of paint specifically crafted for furniture. It embraces a non-conventional, free-spirited approach to painting, blurring the boundaries between traditional artistry and do-it-yourself creativity. This fusion results in a seamless blend of artistic styles.

2. How does Painterly Furniture Artist Paint differ from other paint types?
- Painterly Furniture Artist Paint sets itself apart by not conforming to the standards of acrylic, watercolor, or oil-based paints. It's a specially formulated blend renowned for its substantial body, rich pigmentation, and thick consistency, delivering exceptional and vivid outcomes. This distinctiveness makes it a prime choice for DIY projects and various furniture surfaces.

3. What kind of finish can I expect when using Painterly Furniture Artist Paint?
- Painterly paint dries with an elegant matte finish, imparting a beautiful and subtly refined appearance to your furniture pieces.

4. How is Painterly Furniture Artist Paint packaged?
- Painterly paint is conveniently packaged in tubes featuring distinctive black lids and transparent containers, providing ease in identifying the paint color contained within.

5. Where is Painterly Furniture Artist Paint manufactured, and what are its core components?
- Painterly Furniture Artist Paint is meticulously crafted using Japanese pigments and a specialized binder. Its manufacturing takes place in East Asia, ensuring consistent and top-tier quality.

6. What are some recommended companion products to enhance the use of Painterly Furniture Artist Paint?
- Painterly paint complements an array of companion products, including liquid patina, big top, waxes, and DIY clay paint. This compatibility offers versatility in creating a diverse range of finishes and artistic effects.

7. Can Painterly Furniture Artist Paint be used for projects beyond furniture?
- Although primarily designed for furniture, Painterly paint's versatility extends to various DIY projects as well as painting on canvas, granting you the freedom to explore your creative horizons beyond furniture applications.

8. Is Painterly Furniture Artist Paint suitable for individuals new to painting and DIY projects?
- Certainly, Painterly's substantial consistency and user-friendly attributes make it an excellent choice for both beginners and seasoned DIY enthusiasts looking to create beatuiful art!

9. Can I blend different colors of Painterly Furniture Artist Paint to create custom shades?
- Indeed, Painterly paint allows you to effortlessly mix colors, enabling the creation of unique and personalized shades that add a distinctive touch to your projects.

10. Are there specific guidelines for applying and caring for Painterly Furniture Artist Paint?
- Painterly paint is typically applied in a manner akin to traditional paint. After usage, it's advisable to clean brushes and tools with soap and water while the paint is still wet. For proper preservation, store it in a cool, dry environment.


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