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Collection: Monahan Papers - Special Edition Fine Art Prints for Decoupage

Personally curated by Milton's Daughter and printed by Monahan Papers, this special collection of fine art prints by the Old Masters are suitable for your decoupage projects or for framing. 

Milton's Daughter carries a specially curated collection of premium decoupage papers for your home decor projects. Here you'll find decoupage papers in a a variety of sizes, weights and styles to suit your tastes and preferences.  Any weight of paper will work well for decoupaging, it's truly just a matter of personal preference.  Milton's Daughter carries weighted papers and aged papers, rice paper for decoupage and decoupage tissue paper.

What is Decoupage?

Decoupage is a method of art where printed paper is glued to a surface and then sealed to create unique designs on a variety of surfaces or objects.  Decoupage papers can be used to decorate boxes, cans, frames, wood canvases and more!

What type of glue works well for decoupage?

Most any white glue will work, but we recommend DIY Paint Crystal Clear Liquid Patina for your decoupage projects.