Chocolate sugar clookies encrusted with pink and green sanding sugar, baked in mold using Heirloom Roses Mold by IOD by Milton's Daughter

How to Make Sugar Encrusted Valentine's Day Cookies Using IOD Moulds

So this was a happy accident! I was experimenting with baking cookie dough in my IOD (Iron Orchid Designs) molds for Valentine's Day and wanted to add color to the cookie surface by using a variety of sanding sugars and textured sugars. The result was the melting and blending of the sugars with each other, creating new colors while still retaining the beautiful shapes and dimension of the molds. In this video, I used IOD Moulds, "Birdsong," "Heirloom Roses," "He Loves Me,"  "Wings and Feathers," and "Sea Shells."  FYI, IOD silicone molds are food safe and oven safe to 500F.
Any basic sugar cookie recipe will work great! I haven't tried it yet, but I'll bet the pre-made sugar cookie dough from the supermarket will work just as well! I baked at 350F for about 15 minutes, until the cookies just began to brown at the edges, allowing the cookies to cool before turning them out.

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