Royal Icing on Keebler Shortbread Sandies decorated with Royal Icing toppers using Sea Shells Mold by IOD by Milton's Daughter

How To Make Royal Icing Toppers using IOD Molds

Using molds to make toppers out of royal icing has long been a mystery for me. I've watched countless videos showing how it's done, only to try and fail. Well, I finally figured it out and I'm sharing it here...and here's the key...the consistency of your icing has to be dry, almost to the point of crumbling---if it's the consistency of silly putty, it's not going to work---ask me how I know, LOL.

In this video I'm using my favorite royal icing cookie hack, Keebler Shortbread Sandies and the Seashells Mould by Iron Orchid Designs. If you're not familiar with IOD products, let me just say that IOD molds are made of high quality, food grade silicone and have a degree of detail not found in any other commercially available mold on the market.

I used a 15 second flood consistency for my flood icing. If you would like instructions on how to make royal icing and how to flood cookies using royal icing, please watch my previous videos on how to make royal icing cookies:

How To Make Royal Icing Cookies and stamp using IOD Crockery Stamp

Keebler Sandies Decorated with Royal Icing and IOD Knob Toppers Stamp


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