Depression era dresser, painted and decorated with IOD Wall Flower Furniture Transfer, Gracie the Wheaten Terrier in the foreground-at Milton's Daughter

How to Distress an IOD Transfer to Create a "Paper Napkin" Effect

This dresser has gotten more attention and interest than any of my other furniture pieces. I use it as a backdrop on many of my social media profiles and it continues to get likes and hearts. I think there are three elements that attract the eye --the mottled and stippled paint effect I achieved using several shades of DIY Paint; the almost "paper napkin/decoupage" look I got from distressing the IOD transfer; and of course, it never hurts to put a cute Wheaten Terrier in the photo!

IOD Decor Transfer "Wall Flower" is one of the prettiest patterns in the IOD transfer line. However, after I applied the transfer on this particular piece, I felt it was a bit overpowering. To tone it down, I distressed the transfer after it had been applied, achieving an almost paper-napkin decoupage effect. This simple technique created a more subtle look, which made all the difference!
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