Getting Crafty with Erin From Lizzy and Erin!

Getting Crafty with Erin From Lizzy and Erin!

Do you follow “Lizzy and Erin” on Facebook?  If you're not familiar with them, you're in for a treat!  I tune in whenever I can as Erin usually goes live past my bedtime (I’m east coast, she broadcasts from Washington State) but the comedic hour or so that ensues is totally worth the loss of sleep! On occasion, Aunt Criddy (Erin's sister) is in the house, and between the two of them you will laugh 'til your sides hurt!

Erin’s lives typically begin with her welcoming her loyal followers for tuning in (“Hey girl, hey!” has now become part of this Brooklynite’s permanent vernacular) followed by her call to action of “Let’s get crafty, y’all!”—and thanking everyone for “pootin’ and scootin” (sharing her page with friends).  Erin then delivers a fun-filled, hilarious hour of Dollar Tree creative crafting on the fly, intermingled with her signature southern humor! Erin can tell a story about pretty much anything and turn it into funniest thing you've ever heard!  Every so often, there's a visit from "Pam"- Erin's alter ego and hoot of a character.  If you're looking for a good laugh, I recommend tuning in to one of her DIY lives- you won't be disappointed!

Of course, Erin always recommends Milton's Daughter as her favorite supplier for all IOD and DIY Paint products--and regularly demos both product lines when she's getting her craft on! 

So, if you are looking for some inspiration for your next DIY project, be sure to check out the Lizzy and Erin Facebook page!

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