Cookies with chocolate toppers using IOD Cameos Mould and Frames Mold made by Milton's Daughter

Chocolate and Royal Icing Cookies with IOD Frames and Cameos Molds

My jaw dropped when I saw the new IOD Frames Mold and IOD Cameos Mold for the first time. Both are from the 2021 Fall Release of Iron Orchid Designs products --these molds are perfectly complemented to each other! As with all IOD molds they have a level of detail and exquisite design not found in any other comparable molds on the market. I secretly was wishing I could get my hands on them before the release..and my wish came true! IOD reached out and asked me to make some sweet treats with both molds and I was thrilled to accommodate! I first used the Frames mold to make cookies using my basic sugar cookie recipe. Any recipe will work--the trick is to bake your cookies in the mold--that will help ensure there is no spread and your cookies will retain the exact shape and detail of the mold. I then used both regular chocolate and molding chocolate to create the cameos using the IOD Cameos mold.
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