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What makes Debi's DIY Paint different from other chalk paint brands?

Debi's Design Diary DIY Paint is a clay-based chalk paint.  Highly pigmented due to it's clay content, Debi's DIY Paint colors won't lose their brilliance, even when mixed with water.  DIY Paint is water-based, non-leveling, contains NO polymers and can be reactivated with water (even after it dries, allowing for color blending and wet distress effects not possible with latex-based furniture paints), contains NO VOC's and is made with LOVE!

DIY Paint is a great choice for using with IOD Paint Inlays, which will perform best when used with paints that contain no polymers or binders. Remember, your DIY Paint project will require sealing--use solvent-free wax such as DIY Wax  for a soft sheen or Big Top for a durable satin finish.  Sweet Pickin's Top Coat is also an excellent choice to achieve a flat finish.

**Winter Shipping Advisory regarding DIY PAINT**

DIY Paint is a water-based paint that if allowed to freeze will lose it's properties.  As we approach the winter season, I will be very selective in how and when I ship your paint orders. 

If temperatures fall below freezing, and in order to ensure that your receive your paint in good condition, DIY paint will ship on Mondays through Wednesdays only, via Priority Mail. .Therefore, if you place an order on Thursday, it will not ship until Monday,  If you need your paint order to ship sooner, I do offer a heated shipping option, which is available for purchase.  If you have ordered other non paint products in the same order, your entire order will be shipped at the same time.

In some cases, depending upon your location, you may be contacted for additional shipping when Priority Mail charges exceed standard shipping costs.

If the temperatures in your area are below freezing, you are fully responsible for bringing your paint inside immediately upon delivery to avoid freezing.

Please take advantage of the Route Protection Plan offered in your check-out cart; it will protect you from loss, damage and theft of your order AND it will insure you in the event DIY Paint freezes on it's way to you, despite all other precautions being taken.