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  • "Gregory's Catalogue" IOD Paint Inlay by Iron Orchid Designs. Front cover. Includes eight 12" x 16" sheets. Available at Milton's Daughter.
  • "Gregory's Catalogue" IOD Paint Inlay by Iron Orchid Designs. Back cover. Includes eight 12" x 16" sheets. Available at Milton's Daughter.
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Gregory's Catalogue - Paint Inlay

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Gregory's Catalogue - Paint Inlay by Iron Orchid Designs.   This beautiful furniture transfer design Includes eight re-usable 12" x 16" sheets.

With Gregory's Catalogue-IOD Paint Inlay by Iron Orchid Designs, you can add a touch of vintage charm to your furniture and décor. This package includes eight re-usable 12" x 16" sheets, with a design inspired by an 1880's seed catalogue. Whether you're looking to recreate vintage style signage or give your furniture a unique vintage look, these paint inlays are the perfect way to do it.

Fully-assembled transfer image size is 32" x 48."

"What is a Paint Inlay?" you are probably wondering.  Well, leave it to the IOD sisters to come up with the most innovative product in furniture transfers yet! Paint Inlays are not a rub on decal,  furniture applique or decoupage.  They are a completely new type of image transfer (patent pending, as a matter of fact) that allows you to transfer artisanal quality, painted images onto your freshly painted *chalk-type* painted surfaces.  In other words, the specially designed transfer paper is embedded with actual paint.  The best part? Put your used sheets to the side, allow to dry and use them two, three or more times! Another fun bonus: until sealed, your paint inlay designs can be reactivated with water and manipulated for creating even more unique and artistic effects!

*For best results, use with non-polymer chalk-type paints only, such as DIY Paints. IOD Paint Inlays can be used with chalk paints containing polymers, but with varied results. 

Use IOD furniture transfers to add visual style to your upcycled furniture and home décor projects. IOD paint inlays can be cut, rearranged and overlapped to create new and unique designs. See packaging for complete instructions on how to apply and seal paint inlays.

Once applied, be sure to seal with a high-quality water-based poly-acrylic sealer or solvent-free wax. For best results, spray your first application of 50:50 ratio of sealer to water to "set" your image and prevent smudging from subsequent coats of sealer.  Please refer to detailed instructions provided for exact use.

Please read my blog post titled, "Everything you Need to Know About IOD Paint Inlays."  In this article you will find complete step by step instructions on how to use IOD Paint Inlays.  It is highly recommended that you follow the instructions thoroughly in order to achieve best results.

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